Release Notes 2.0.14

New features:

HH Import: Should now support all PT4 Raw formats (including Microgaming)

Minor enhancements:

HH Import: Now supports new WeakTight format (copy to clipboard)
URL Import: Now supports new WeakTight format (url import)
HH Import: More stable PT4 Format format import
Added Cancel option when closing PJ
Added option to copy holecards/board to clipboard
Copy All/Paste All in RD added to Simulator

Bug fixes:

Simulator: Was not executing without a game loaded
PJ Syntax: Sets+ were not including flushes on the river in rare situations
PJ Syntax: Certain flushes were not converted on the river in some situations
PJ Syntax: KK+ was not including A on flop in some situations.
RIO: Minor fixes on certain RIO URL imports
Svenska Spel: Swedish kroner were imported as dollars
Replayer: Bug in bet mouseover "Succes %" fixed
URL import: Restrictions on 2p2 + RIO Urls removed.
P&S: Thumbnail upload broke because of move to new server


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