How to Downgrade

Q: Can I downgrade my existing subscription?

Yes, you can downgrade at any time; also in the middle of an existing subscription period. 

Q: How do I downgrade?

You have to contact us and let us know you wish to downgrade. We will then convert your subscription and extend the period of the new subscription so it have the same value as the remaining period of the old subscription. 

Q: Can you give an example of how downgrading works?

Example: You purchased a Professional Starter for 499 euro 3 months ago but you had a bad run and now want to downgrade to a starter plan. The value of your remaining period will be 75% * 499 = 374.25 which is equal to 1½ year of the Yearly Starter, so we will convert your subscription so you have access to Yearly Starter 1½ year from time of downgrading.

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