Release Notes 2.0.10

New features:

  • PokerJuice Syntax: PJ Variables
  • HH Import: PokerTracker Raw Format supported
  • Post & Share: Export to
  • Module Input: Now individual input for each player on each street
  • History: Improved popup
  • Range Distribution: Expanded popup added

Minor enhancements:

  • Dead Cards: Visible holecards now not dead to that player
  • GameBuilder: New Game popup expanded
  • GameBuilder: Blinds always editable
  • Table Stats: Pot Odds displaying multiway
  • Simulator: Display % of hands
  • RunItOnce: Changes in RIO's format fixed
  • HH Import: Improved official 2p2 Converter support

Bug fixes:

  • Edit blinds annoyance fixed
  • Better handling of invalid Hand Histories
  • Bluff Catch now always executes vs. Villain
  • EQ Graph can now also run vs. Villain's holecards
  • ...and a bunch of other small fixes!



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