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The Post & Share (P&S) feature enables us to quickly post and share hand histories on the Internet.

We can choose between posting on a unique and anonymous URL that we can share with poker friends or in forums or to publish directly to PokerJuice Community.

How to Post & Share

We can post from any point in the hand with a single click on the Post & Share icon. You will find the P&S icon in the top left corner. Let's try:

We get a popup with three options.

1) If we select "Publish anonymous link", the hand history is posted on a unique URL. This URL will only be seen by others if you decide to share the link.

2) If we select "Publish to PokerJuice Community" we are posting the hand to our PokerJuice Community profile from where we can select to share it with the community or not.

3) Finally we have the option to export BBCode to clipboard.

Let's start by Publishing anonymously. We click the OK button.


Posting Anonymous link

What we get is a hand history published on the internet that looks like this:

The Hand History comes with an unprecedented level of information. In this article we will break down the various components of the hand history.

The hand posted here is an anonymous post and can be seen on this url:

Download PKJ-file

At the buttom of each hand history we have the download-icon. This enables all PokerJuicers to quickly download the attached PKJ-file with all the information and open it in PokerJuice for analysis. Sharing detailed information about ranges, assumptions etc. has never been this easy. Simply download the PKJ-file and open in PokerJuice and we have all the information available:

The PKJ-file also contains all the input parameters for each module. We can now do our own analysis in PokerJuice before providing feedback to the poster. This makes sharing via skype, email or in forums very easy. 


Posting to PokerJuice Community

Let's try posting to PokerJuice Community.

When selecting this option we are sent to a page where we are able to post to our PokerJuice Community Profile:

We can enter a Post Title and our comments about the hand. We can also specifiy if we want the post to be private or public:

Private post
Posting privately can be a good option if we want to use our PokerJuice Community for private analysis and not share with the community

Public posts
Posting publicly means that the post is visible to all other members of the PokerJuice Community through the feeds on the community homepage:

Posted to Profile
Whatever you choose the post will be posted to your own PJC profile. The visibility setting will determine who can actually see you post.

In this example let's select Private Post and submit. The post is now posted to my PJC Profile:



I hope this article was helpful on how to use Post & Share. Posting to our community is great way to get feedback on your PJ Analysis. Morten & I and many other helpful PokerJuicers are standing by to help.




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