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In this article we will take a look at how you can use PokerJuice in your favorite forum. The example in this article can be downloaded and opened in PokerJuice.


I have built a hand using GAME BUILDER. I have assigned a range for both BB and CO. Now I would like to post the hand in my favorite forum. I also want my collaborators to be able to download the hand and do PJ Analysis before providing feedback if they so desire.


Export to BBCode

Most forums allow users to use what is called BBCode. BBCode is a very simple markup language that let's you do a little bit of formatting on message boards and not much else. BBCode is also the result of most hand converters you will find.

We click the Post & Share icon and we get the following popup:


We select Export BBCode to clipboard and we get:

We now have our BBCode. We copy the code to the clipboard and we can now post the hand in our favorite forum.

A list of compatible forums include:

  • PokerStrategy.com
  • TwoPlusTwo.com
  • NutBlocker.com
  • PLOQuickPro.com
  • GipsyTeam.ru
  • Cardrunners.com
  • DeucesCracked.com
  • Poker-Academie.com
  • RedChipPoker.com

In this example I will use our good partner PokerStrategy.com because they have a very nice preview feature. I paste in the BBCode and select Preview:

What we see here is that the hand we have just built in GAME BUILDER is now ready to be posted to the PokerStrategy forum.


Download to PokerJuice

This is a special feature that you get only with PokerJuice. The users you want feedback from have the option to download the corresponding PKJ-file instantly to their hard drive and load it up in PokerJuice. No other hand converter on the internet has this feature. Collaborating has never been so easy and effective.


I hope this article was useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find me on Skype or in the PokerJuice Community.

Skype: PokerJuice
PJC: morten.pokerjuice.com
Web: pokerjuice.com


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