PokerJuice comes with the ability to edit the parameters of a poker hand (actions, bet sizes, stack sizes) or even create a new hand/game from scratch.

Most of this functionality is intuitively built into the replayer. However, the GAME BUILDER module provides a full overview of the entire action in the hand and also provides access points for editing. It is not a module like the other modules that we execute and get a result.

In this article we will walk through how to build a poker hand from scratch. Once we have built the hand we will go through how to edit different parameters and we will see how can utilize som of the shortcuts GAME BUILDER has to offer. Let's get to it.

New Game

To start building a new game select File -> New Game. You will see a dialog box asking how many players you want in the game. This can be anywhere from 2 to 6 players.

For this example we will choose 5 players. Click OK.

As we can see PokerJuice has created a new game with 5 players. The players has automatically been named by position. The default blinds are $0.50/$1.00. All players have 100bbs stacks.

If we open GAME BUILDER we can see an overview of the action. Not much to see yet, but we can see that blinds are $0.5/$1.00 and we are currently preflop. There is not action in the hand yet.

Change Blinds

Let's start by changing the blinds. We would like to make this a $5/$10 game. We double-click the Small blind and we get a popup:

We enter 5.00 and click OK.

We now have a $5/$10 game. Stacks sizes have been adjusted so that they are still 100bbs.

Note: It is not possible to alter the blinds once action has been created. So this should be the first thing we do if needed.

Stack sizes

Let's change some of the stack sizes. We will start with MP. Double-click MP's $1000.00 and we get a new popup:

Here we can set MP's initial stack size. We enter 1500.00. Let's also change BTN's stack to 1250.00. Our game is now looking like this:

Preflop Action

Let's start adding some action. Hero's in the game is MP (not SB). So we start by selecting MP as the Hero. We then click the GB+ icon:

MP is now the Hero and we have started the game building process. Since the action is on Hero GAME BUILDER is asking for a response from Hero.

In the GAME BUILDER module we can see that UNKNOWN_ACTION has been inserted for MP. We choose bet:


We get a popup with a slider and an input field. We can drag the slider all the way from a minimum raise to a pot sized raise. Or we can enter a specific amount. We just select pot and click OK.

We let CO fold, BTN call, SB fold and BB call.

Flop Action



We are now on the flop. But we need some cards on the board. We can see the the QuickEdit panel has appeared.  We have the Edit Board or to Randomize flop. Let's choose to edit the board manually:

We select As Kd 9s manually. We then click anywhere outside the popup:

Let's assign Hero some holecards as well. Right now Hero is in Use Range mode. By double-clicking Hero's holecards we switch to Use Holecards. And since Hero has no holecards assigned the card selector automatically appears:

Let's give Hero a nice hand: Ac Ad 9c 6d:


We now have a flop and holecards for Hero. Let's build action on the flop. We click the GB+ icon. Action is on BB. We let BB check. We let Hero bet 90 and then we let BTN call and BB fold.


Turn Action

We are now heads-up on the turn against BTN. We still don't have a turn card so the QuickEdit panel has appeared asking us to choose a turn card. We click the pencil and select 8c:


Let's stop build action for now and take a look in the GAME BUILDER module to see how things look:

As we can see we have an overview of the action we have created. Let's now take a look at how we can alter some of the action we have created.

At this point if you have skipped to this part of the article and would like to download the hand we have created, you can do so here:

Change Bet-sizing

Let's say we want to change MP's open from $35 to $30. We can do this in two ways. Let's start by using the replayer:

We rewind the action and goto preflop. We then step forward until Hero has made his bet. We now double-click the coin stack or the $35 label and we get the Edit Bet-size popup:

We change the bet to $30.00. 

MP is now opening to $30.00 and the calls from BTN and BB are automatically adjusted.

The other way we can change bet-sizes is through the GAME BUILDER. Let's change to bet back to $35.00:

We double-click to 30.00 label and we get the same Edit Bet-size popup. We change the bet-size back to $35.00. 

Change Pot-size

The GAME BUILDER also lets us set an arbitrary pot-size on any given street. Let's say we want less money in the pot on turn to create a higher SPR:

We jump to the turn. We can then double-click the pot to get the Edit Pot-size popup:

Let's change the pot-size to $200 and click OK.

 We now have a $200 pot on the turn instead of the original $290 pot. Notice that in GAME BUILDER this overwritten value is marked with blue:

If we double-click the ($200.00) we have the ability to reset the pot to it's original (calculated) value:


We restore pot to it's original size and click OK.


Quick Postflop Scenarios

Let's us combine what we now know overwriting pot-sizes with skipping streets to create quick postflop scenarios. Let's say we have a bluff catching scenario on the river. We don't really care how we got there. We just want to analyze the specific spot in PokerJuice. Let's create such a scenario from scratch:

1. Select File -> New Game (2 players)

2. Jump directly to river:

3. Let's add a board: Js Tc 6s 5c 2s

4. Let's assign a hand to Hero. We double-click our holecards and select: Ac Jc 7s Kh

5. We will change the stack sizes as well. Let's set BB = $145.50 and SB = $128.25

6. Finally, let change the pot size to $68.50

We now have the initial river parameters set the way we wanted. We are now ready to build the river action:

In GAME BUILDER we click the icon on the river. Notice that the pot-size is blue indicating that it is overwritten.

When we click an UNKNOWN_ACTION is inserted for BB and the replayer is awaiting our choice of action. We let BB bet his entire stack of $68.50:


We now have the bluff catching situation on the river we were looking for. We can close the action by letting SB either fold, call or raise but we don't have too. 


Export to Clipboard

In PokerJuice all poker hands are internally represented by a native XML format. At any time can we export action to the clipboard.


Right-click inside the replayer and select Export HH to clipboard. Then open your favorite text editor and select paste.

Creating Templates

The Export to Clipboard option is great for building templates. Start by building the action you want your inside your template. Export this action and save in a text file with a descriptive name. The next time you need similar action you simple drag this text file onto PokerJuice.



I hope this article was useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find me on Skype or in the PokerJuice Community.

Skype: PokerJuice


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