How to Upgrade

Q: Can I upgrade my existing subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time; also in the middle of an existing subscription period. 

Q: How do I upgrade?

You have to contact us and let us know you wish to upgrade. We will then send you a coupon with the value of the remaining subscription. This can be used when upgrading. 

Q: Can you give an example of how upgrading works?

Example: You purchased a Yearly Starter for 249 euro 3 months ago but you have since then climbed the stakes and now want to upgrade to a professional plan. The value of your remaining period will be 75% * 249 = 187 euro. This amount will be issued to you as a coupon that can be used to sign up for the Yearly Professional plan. After upgrading we will cancel your previous subscription and your new Yearly Professional subscription with be active 1 year from the time of the upgrading. 

How to downgrade
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