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In this article we will take a look at the Equity Graph built into PokerJuice. The example in this article can be downloaded and opened in PokerJuice.

In this hand we are heads-up on the turn and we would like to know our equity distribution on the river against Villain's range:

The Equity Graph shows Hero's average equity vs. Villain on each of the possible turn and river cards.

We open the Equity Graph by clicking the Equity Graph icon in the left bar.

Once the popup window has opened we run the Equity Graph by clicking the play button.

What we see here is our equity on each possible river card. The 4 colors make it easy to spot the 4 suits. Not surprisingly spades are generally good river cards in this situation, although we have to be careful on spades that pair the board. We will however run into the nut flush sometimes giving us an equity on average somewhere in the 80s. 

The off-suit Kings, Jacks and Tens are the best cards for us equity-wise. In those cases we river the nuts. The reason we don't have 100% equity is that we will sometimes split the pot.

The rest of the deck results in very little equity for us thus giving us a very polarized equity distribution on the river.



As you may have read in the article about Table Stats SOEQ_NS stands for Stack-off Equity Next Street. Granted it is not the most elegant acronym in history but it will do:

We arrive at SOEQ_NS by taking the pot size and effective stacks on the next street and calculating how much equity is needed to stack-off with no fold equity to breakeven.

What we see is that on 17 river cards (out of possible 44) we will have equity higher than SOEQ_NS while on the remaining 27 cards it will be lower.



We can sort the results in several ways by clicking the sorting icon:

Default is By Rank.


Here we have By Suit.


And we can sort By Equity.


Number of Trials

As is the case with most of the modules in PokerJuice we can also set the number of trials we want to execute for increased accuracy:


Default is 50000 but it can be scaled up and down.



I hope this article was useful. If you have questions or feedback on how we can improve the Equity Graph don't hesitate to contact us.

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