In this article we will take a look at how the Hero/Villain roles work in PokerJuice. The example in this article can be downloaded and opened in PokerJuice.


Everything in PokerJuice is built up around the Hero vs. Villain matchup. All hands will have a Hero and a Villain defined.

Hero is the player with the green circle and Villain is the player with the red circle.

Hero will always be seated in the middle seat (Hero's seat). All calculations in PokerJuice are from Hero's point of view.

PokerJuice will automatically detect the natural Villain in the hand. As a default the player who made the last aggressive action (who is not Hero) is defined as Villain.

There can only be one Villain in a hand. If you want somebody else to be Villain you can assign the role of Villain to any player in the hand:

By double-clicking the grey circle we can assign any player the role of Villain. Alternatively we can right-click a player and choose Select as Villain.

As a default PokerJuice will Use Range for Villain. But it is also possible to Use Holecards for Villain (if known) or assign a set holecards to Villain.


Switch Perspective

If you want to do advanced analysis it is often helpful to see things from Villain's point of view. To do this in PokerJuice we simply select Villain as Hero:

Villain is now assigned the role of Hero and moved into the Hero's seat:

All calculations in PokerJuice is now from our new Hero's point of view.



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