In PokerJuice we can save not only the hand history but also all ranges and all relevant input parameters in a PKJ-file. PokerJuice saves the HH along with all relevant information like:

  • Hero
  • Villain
  • The specific spot analyzed
  • Board
  • All ranges assigned to players
  • All input entered into modules

This makes it very easy for PokerJuicers to organize hands on the hard drive and re-visit the hand another day without losing any information.

But it also makes sharing information between PokerJuicers incredible easy. The Post & Share feature not only posts the hand to the internet. It also automatically provides a download link for the PKJ-file:

You can see an example of a hand posted with download link here.

Saving as PKJ

To save as PKJ simple click File -> Save PKJ-file

Name the file whatever you want and save the file on your hard drive.

Opening PKJ files

To open a PKJ-file simply drag and drop it onto the replayer. Or you can select File -> Open PKJ-file from the menu.



I hope this article was useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find me on Skype or in the PokerJuice Community.

Skype: PokerJuice


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