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In this article we will take a look at how to use PJ Syntax in PokerJuice. The example in this article can be downloaded and opened in PokerJuice.


PJ Syntax provides an easy way to describe ranges postflop fast and accurately.

Instead of having the find all the combinations manually we can use PJ Syntax to describe the range we are looking for.

Here we have a very drawy flop and it will be a good flop to demonstrate the power of PJ Syntax:

PJ Syntax distinguishes between Made Hands and Draws


Made Hands

When we enter (Made Hand+) we will get all those made hands or better in return. We enter PJ Syntax as part of the Player Ranges

We enter the PJ Syntax on the current street. Expressions are evaluated in the context of the street on which we enter the hand. When we mouseover the syntax we can see what the PJ Syntax is converted to.

Let's see a couple of other made hands and what they are converted to:

Expression Odds Oracle Syntax
33+ 33,66,88
3+ 3,44-55,6,77,8,99-AA,63,83,86,33,66,88
83+ 83,86,33,66,88


To illustrate that the PJ Syntax is calculated based on the current street let's go to the turn:

Let's see what the same expression evaluates to on this turn:

Expression Odds Oracle Syntax
33+ 33,66,88,TT,97,ss
3+ 3,44-55,6,77,8,99,T,JJ-AA,63,83,86,T3,T6,T8,33,66,88,TT,97,ss
83+ 83,86,T3,T6,T8,33,66,88,TT,97,ss

As we can see we now have a straight and a flush possible on the turn and that is reflected in the results.




Just like made hands we can enter PJ Syntax to describe draws. To illustrate this let's go back to the flop:

Straight draws
Straight draw expressions are measured by number of outs. If the number of outs is the same in 2 different hand PokerJuice will compare the nuttiness.

Expression Odds Oracle Syntax
97+ 97,542,754
75+ 75,T942,T952,T954,T74,97,542
T97+ T97,7542,754,975
754+ 754,975


Flush draws
Flush draw expression are less complicated. We simply enter the rank of the flush draw. To describe a flush draw we enter rank followed by the relevant suit (ss, cc, hh or dd). In this case spades (ss) is the relevant suit:

Expression Odds Oracle Syntax
Kss+ Kss,Ass
Tss+ Tss,Jss,Qss,Kss,Ass
7ss+ 7ss,9ss,Tss,Jss,Qss,Kss,Ass
7hh+ Error: Empty range

We can see that 7hh is not evaluated as a flush draw so the expression is not converted. Instead it returns error because 7hh+ is not valid Odds Oracle Syntax.

Combo hands

This is where PJ Syntax gets really powerful. We can combine straight draws with flush draws and draws with made hands. The syntax is:


or simply


The parentheses are optional and can be used for readability.

Let's look at a few examples. We are still on the flop:

PJ Syntax Odds Oracle Syntax Description
86+:ss (86,33,66,88):ss Top 2p or better w FD
(86+):ss (86,33,66,88):ss Same
3+:Kss+ (3,44,55,6,77,8,99,TT,JJ,QQ,KK,AA,63,83,86,33,66,88):(Kss,Ass) 1p of 3s or better w a K high FD or better
3+:75+ (3,44-55,6,77,8,99-AA,63,83,86,33,66,88):(75,T74,97,542) 1p of 3s or better w an OESD
75+:Tss+ (75,T954,T942,T952,T74,97,542):(Tss,Jss,Qss,Kss,Ass) OESD or better w T high FD or better


Board Pairs

Notice that 3+:75+ converts to (3,44-55,6,77,8,99-AA,63,83,86,33,66,88):(75,T74,97,542) including all the pocket pairs. Sometimes this is not what we are looking for. We have a couple of options:

PJ Syntax Odds Oracle Syntax Description
753+ (3,6,8):(75,T74,97,542) Board pair + OESD
3+!RR:75+ (3,44-55,6,77,8,99-AA,63,83,86,33,66,88)!RR:(75,T942,T952,T954,T74,97,542) Same
(3,6,8):75+ (3,6,8):(75,T74,97,542) 1p of 3s or better w a OE or better


Notice that by omitting the semicolon and contracting 3+:75+ to 753+ it is implied that we mean a board pair. PJ Syntax will recognize this and convert it to (3,6,8):(75,T74,97,542).

If we write 3+!RR:75+ we filter out all pocket pairs (!RR). This is less elegant and not quite the same range (we have filtered away sets) but is another option we have.

Last but not least we can explicitly write out the board pairs for readability: (3,6,8):75+. This ranges is exactly the same as 753+


Copy Odds Oracle Syntax

At anytime we can copy the combined Odds Oracle Syntax to clipboard:

This is especially useful if we want to do more work using the same range in Odds Oracle.


I hope this article was useful. If you have questions or feedback please don't hesitate to contact us.

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