Download latest version

First of all make sure you have latest version. Please download latest version of PokerJuice:




Run the downloaded installation file:

We recommend installing PokerJuice in default location, but you can install it where you wish.

Click Continue.

PokerJuice should launch automatically after installation:

Logon with your email and password.


Connecting to Odds Oracle...

The first time you launch PokerJuice you may experience that PokerJuice is trying to connect to Odds Oracle with no success:

This is almost always a sign that you do not have a working Odds Oracle PRO installed on your computer. Only the PRO version will be able to communicate with PokerJuice.

If you do not have Odds Oracle Pro you can request a trial version here.



In most cases PokerJuice will work right after installation, but if you have problems with the installation here are things you should try:

To check that PokerJuice is installed correctly, go to File -> Settings:

PokerJuice assumes that Odds Oracle is installed in default location "C:\Program Files\PPTOddsOracle".

Click "Test" to test the installation:

If you receive a success message then PokerJuice is installed correctly and is ready to use.

If not, then locate the folder where Odds Oracle is installed. If you haven't installed Odds Oracle then please download latest version:

If you receive a Java error when running PokerJuice, please download the latest version of java:


In order for PokerJuice to be installed successfully you need the following software installed on your computer:

If problems with installing PokerJuice persists please contact us at or add us on skype (PokerJuice). 

Now open PokerJuice and goto File -> Settings:

Browse to the location of java.exe. On most PC systems the path will be "C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\java.exe" but it could be located somewhere else:

Click Ok.

PokerJuice should now be able to find Java on your system. 


I hope this article was useful. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find me on Skype or in the PokerJuice Community.

Skype: PokerJuice

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